The Magpie Librarian: A Librarian's Guide to Modern Life and Etiquette

I love browsing in the Arts and Music section of my library. I don’t do it often, only on Saturdays where I have to work. I’m a cranky Saturday worker and farting around in A+M usually lifts my spirits. I never go up there with a specific kind of book in mind, but I always end up back in the Youth Wing with several titles under my arm.

Recently, I discovered From Girls to Grrlz: A History of [Female] Comics from Teens to Zines. It’s a pretty comprehensive look at women’s and girls’ comics that were made in 1941 all the way up to the 1990s. Did you know that Stan Lee (whom I mostly associate with Spider-Man) also created women’s comics in his earlier days? You did? Well, look at you. I didn’t know that.

This is a perfect book for reading on the reference desk, where you constantly…

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